Advocacy & Professional Services

DC Lincoln to Capitol

As sovereign governments surrounded by United States federal, state, and local governments, Indian nations and tribes must continuously engage in government-to-government dialogue and advocacy to survive and thrive. Under the best circumstances, positive working relationships with outside governments can produce mutually beneficial “win-win” scenarios for tribal governments and their neighbors. In the worst-case circumstances, tribal governments can face perpetual hostility and opposition, inhibiting growth opportunities and generating considerable legal and political expense.

Government Relations and Lobbying

Odawi Tribal Strategies is experienced in assisting tribal governments develop and implement effective government relations strategies at the federal, state, and local levels of interaction. Our goal is to assist you in identifying “win-win” scenarios and implementing an effective to assist you in securing your chosen policy objectives.

As circumstances require, Odawi Tribal Strategies works in partnership with lawyers and government relations professionals at Dentons US LLP (, a global law firm with a significant national government relations practice based in Washington, D.C.

Legal Services

Robert Odawi Porter represented Indian nations and tribes for nearly his entire 25 year legal career. He is admitted to practice law in the States of Connecticut and New York, the District of Columbia, and the Seneca Nation of Indians. As circumstances determine, he provides services directly or as a Senior Advisor at Dentons US LLP (, a global law firm based in Washington, D.C.

Media Relations

Traditional advocacy for Indian nations and tribes relies heavily on legal and political strategies. However, enhanced advocacy strategies draw upon all available resources that aid in achieving the desired objective. This includes reliance upon media, social networking, and public relations management to assist in achieving desired legal and political outcomes.

Odawi Tribal Strategies partners with the Eric Mower & Associates (, a national media relations firm, to prepare custom-designed media management strategies in furtherance of legal and political advocacy efforts, and crisis management.